Top five world leaders with most Twitter followers.

All world leaders have understood the importance of social media and are unwilling to take the risk of staying away from it. Their tweets generate high reactions and are often extremely scrutinized.

The following are the five most followed world leaders on Twitter.

  1. Barrack. Obama – 106.7 million

The former American president is still very popular on social media among his legions of admirers. Barrack is known for his amiable and fun personality that makes him an extremely likable figure. His 107 million plus followers span across all demographics and nations proving his universal appeal.

2. Donald. Trump – 61.3 million

The 45tH and current President of the United States might be a controversial figure but he still commands a massive following on social media including Twitter with over 62 million followers. He is a polarizing figure who has equal number of admirers as haters. He is a regular at tweeting with his tweets more often than not resulting in controversies and ridicule. You can run but you can’t hide from a Trump tweet would be the appropriate way to describe his history with the platform.

3. Narendra. Modi – 48.2 million

The Indian Prime Minister realizes the importance of social media and uses it to connect with the younger generation. He has a following of over 48 million followers, mostly Indians and the vast Indian diaspora spread across the globe.

4. Hillary. Clinton – 24.7 million

Hillary. Clinton is the 67th United States Secretary of State and the first woman to receive Presidential nomination of a major U.S political party. She lost to Donald. Trump in the Presidential election in the 2016 Presidential election. She has more than 24 million followers on Twitter

5. Recep. Tayyip. Erdogan – 13.8 million

The President of Turkey Erdogan has more than 13 million followers on Twitter and is considered to be extremely influential around the world. His rule has been rocked by regular uprisings and protests but he still has several followers both on social media and outside it.

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