Countries where Facebook is blocked

While most people in the world have the luxury to enjoy social media platforms like Facebook and seem unable to survive without it there are countries where citizens cannot access Facebook.

The following are the countries where Facebook is blocked:

  1. China

Facebook was blocked in China following the 2009 Urumqi riots. Suspecting the Xinjiang independence activists of plotting and communicating through Facebook, the Chinese government blocked it. China however has its own version of Facebook called Renren, with many similar features.

2. Iran

Iran first blocked Facebook and other social media platforms following the 2009 elections as the government feared that the opposition might launch anti government movements through Facebook. Since then its been an on and off affair, but mostly off. President Rouhani, however has several social media accounts and is a strong advocate of open internet.

3. North Korea

It should come as no surprise that this “rogue” isolated country which is infamous for several things has banned Facebook. In fact Internet itself is off limits for most people.

With Facebook coming under a lot of criticism lately for not doing enough to stop hateful and politically biased content and also breach of privacy, many nations and its governments are putting certain restrictions. But only these above nations have taken the extreme measure.

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