Dr. Kota. Nataraj on Digital media.

Dr. Kota. Nagaraj on Digital media.

We spoke to a well experienced Dentist, Dr. Kota Nataraj in Hyderabad on his practice, dental care and use of digital media in his field. Dr. Kota Nataraj spoke about the precautions one must take to prevent dental issues and the future of digital media in the field.

About Dr. Kota Nataraj

Neglecting dental problems will only make them more complicated and serious.”

Dr. Kota Nataraj of the Lakshmi dental  clinic passed out from Dr. MGR Medical University, Chennai in 2002 and has 18 years of experience in the dental field. He worked in 2 hospitals before starting his own clinic in 2004 which now has 2 branches in Hyderabad.

Talking about his work he says that he enjoys his profession, is happy about it and is satisfied. His approach towards his patients is honest due to which he believes he does justice to them. 


Dr. Nataraj provides all the necessary service required including  root canal treatment, Full mouth rehabilitation, Flap surgery and many more.

Dr. Kota. Nagaraj on Digital media.

He believes that the lack of knowledge, misleading ads and half knowledge are causing a lot of dental problems among people. He tell us that the colour and shade of teeth is determined at birth and one can’t change it by brushing; vigorous brushing leads to loss of enamel. Hence, he advises against tooth whitening procedures. According to him many also ignore stains and cavities. Dr. Nataraj says that many people are worried about pain and complicated treatment procedures. He believes that if the patients are comfortable then the treatment will be quick and comfortable. But he points out at the change in mindset with many myths phobias brushed aside. This has also led to new issues such as overexposure to all kinds of information which can confuse people. Hence, people must approach the right person.

Social and Digital media.

Dr. Nataraj believes that digital and social media has an important role to play and has a good scope.

His advice.

Eating and lifestyle is according to him the two main culprits of dental problems.  He advises people to brush teeth twice and rinsing after consuming oily or sweet food.

A remarkable interview with a remarkable professional culminated with us learning about the right approach to healthcare, the profession and usage of digital technology and social media pertaining to the medical field.

We will return with more interviews from the world of healthcare and other industries and personalities. Until then keep reading, commenting and sharing our articles. Also do suggest on what we should write about next.



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