Sampath Mallidi on advantages of Digital and Social Media.

“It’s alright to not be true to others all the time, but we must always stay true to ourselves.”

“To be a successful entrepreneur, it is imperative that one finds a middle ground. Be creative while simultaneously making sure it has commercial viability.”

We spoke with Mr. Sampath Mallidi, the founder and CEO of an account based sales platform- Intandemly on the advantages of Digital and Social Media. We also talked about his life, journey as an individual and entrepreneur and also the impact of digital and social media on his industry.

The Journey.

Mr. Sampath, is a charismatic individual and CEO of a successful start up, Intandemly-  an account based sales software. He did his MBA from Indiana University, Pennsylvania, USA and pursued a career in a field that was always his obsession, i.e sales and entrepreneurship. On the personal front he is a father and enjoys dancing.

His journey as an individual has been a comfortable one with no regrets. He tells us that his real education began when his formal education ended. He was eagerly waiting for his academic education to end. Post this, he has dedicated his life to sales.

Sampath Mallidi on advantages of Digital and Social Media.
Sampath. Mallidi.

Success mantra

When asked about his success mantra, he tells us that he doesn’t believe he is successful yet and there is a lot of work to be done yet. But there is one ideal he lives by, i.e to stay true to himself.

Mr. Sampath informs us that ‘Intandemly’ is a Bootstrap company, hence it is challenging, which always keeps them on their toes. Staying consistent, being innovative and constantly evolving has helped the reach where they are today. He considers this to be the best as well as most challenging aspect of his career.

Story of Intandemly.

Mr. Sampath believes that sales and marketing is a necessity for any industry and that sales can cure any problem faced by a company; whether it is operational or product related issue.

Coming to the employer- employee dynamics, Mr. Sampath doesn’t really believe in the traditional employee-employer relationship. Intandemly follows a one team policy, where everyone works together as one and the only thing that separates him from the rest is the higher risk that he has taken in life for the company.

Mr. Sampath says that he comes from a sales background and during his days in Australia meeting customers, he realized that account based sales and aligning sales and marketing team is very critical. He realized that there is no affordable system in the market, this was a turning point in his life, which led to the conception of ‘Intandemly’.

Software used in work and the future of digital and social media.

Mr. Sampath himself uses the Intandemly software and is trying to introduce it to others.

Speaking about digital media first, Mr. Sampath quotes Bill .Gates famous lines “If you r business isn’t online, you will be out of business in sometime. He tells us that every industry must focus on going digital. On social media he says that with everyone flocking to social media, human touch will gain importance in the future.

So how does he keep up with the changing business world? Mr. Sampath’s answer to that is reading 7-8 books a month and meeting around 15 or more people a month; this keeps his knowledge updated.

Advice and post retirement plans.

On his post- retirement plans, he said, since he has just started out, he is not even thinking about it and also his deep passion for his work will keep him going for long.

He gives a timeless advice to all budding entrepreneurs out there- to be passionate about the business and love it. He believes that now-a-days it is very easy to start a business but it is difficult to make it a success.

A very fruitful interview came to an end with us learning a great deal about a very interesting start up and a visionary CEO. We hope everyone reading this find inspiration from the success of Intandemly.

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