Recruitrix- Successfully using digital media to transform businesses.

Recruitrix- Successfully using digital media to transform businesses.

We spoke with Mr. Manjunath, the founder and CEO of the Disruptive Hiring Technology Platform – Recruitrix, which is successfully using digital media to transform businesses, on the impact of digital and social media in his industry. We also spoke at length about his journey through the competitive and complex world of corporate India and the even more challenging territory that is business.

“I have learned everything I know from the experience I have gained through life and my interaction with people”

About Mr. Manjunath

Mr. M. Manjunath is the founder and CEO of the Disruptive Hiring Technology Platform – Recruitrix. He has over 25 years of experience as an HR professional. He began his career as an executive HR and eventually became a corporate HR, working in leadership roles for various industries like, manufacturing, engineering, pharma and corporate. With such an immense experience in the field, Mr. Manjunath has a lot of crucial information concerning the field; he tells us that the HR department is not about individual effort as the department must deal with human brains and not machines. He adds that to come up with solutions, we must know whom we are dealing with and know what we are facing, only this experience can help us. Since this involves interacting with multiple personalities and teams, it is 80 percent team activity. He also credits his team for where he is today.

So what is his Success Mantra?

When asked what his success mantra is, Mr Manjunath says that he doesn’t believe that he alone is responsible and reiterates that it is a team effort. Also according to him organizations are only now thinking of HR’s as strategic partners, earlier they were considered as supporting function. He believes that if the HR is successful, the organization will also reach greater heights.

Challenging aspect of his career.

On the challenging aspect of the job, Mr. Manjunath believes that there is only one challenge for an HR, i.e, to convince both the employee and the employer. He believes that HR is the only department which has to understand the business and then analyze the talent and attitude required to achieve it, then finally acquire it.

His Companies journey

Mr. Manjunath tells us that the new age industries are becoming difficult for older generation as these companies’ focus is on automation. These companies intend to reduce manpower and the first ones to hit are the senior employees. This scenario is what led to him becoming an entrepreneur. He, through his company want to provide HR services that is unique.

Talking about Recruitrix, he tells us that it is a cognitive hiring paas. Recruitrix is a platform that filters CV’s as per the job description for organizations, thereby simplifying the task of hiring the right candidate. Then the platform conducts assessments as per the client and job requirement. It will also assess soft skills, domain skills and even customization as per the client’s requirement. Candidates will be ranked automatically by the tech, based on the CV’s , then the CV’s will be forwarded to the companies through the platform. Companies will then go through the top CV’s, and then call those candidates for the interview. This is the only thing they have to do; the app will handle everything else. Mr. Manjunath states that there is no technology similar to this in the market currently. He goes on to say that the biggest advantage for their clients’ is that Recruitrix does not change its charge based on candidates, it is fixed at a flat rate irrespective of CTC’s. To achieve such surgical precision, Recruitrix has doe in-depth global research prior to developing the software. Mr. Manjunath explains that companies do not have to spend on any technology, they can simply enjoy the fruits, Recruitrix will do the rest. He says that the companies have the manpower and Recruitrix provides the technological support.

Apps or softwares that he utilizes.

Mr. Manjunath has used social media platforms such as Linkedin, Instagram, and Facebook during his professional career, while he uses website and twitter also for the business.

Recruitrix- Successfully using digital media to transform businesses.

The future of digital and social media’s role in his field.

Talking about the future of social and digital marketing, he says that first of all you need to have a name in the market to successfully provide technological services. He says that traditional marketing is time consuming; digital marketing on the other hand is extremely potent, but how you use it and the channel you use is crucial.

Keeping up with the changing scenario.

When asked about how he will keep up with the changing scenario in the world of business, he said that his business will keep on evolving and updating. They will keep on researching and won’t stop with Recruitrix,. He says that they are working on many technologies based on the ‘pass‘ model for successful succession under performance management, end to end hr enterprise version etc. They target companies that don’t want to spend much resources or time on such tech but get all the amazing benefits. The cost and technology especially attracts clients. He believes that you can earn a lot more by using technology intelligently. He says that it is easy to use, but how you use it determines your success.

Advice for job aspirants and entrepreneurs

Mr. Manjunath uses all the wisdom that he has gained over the decades of experience in the field to give some important advice to young job seekers. He tells them to focus on soft or domain skills, as hard skills can be learned in short time. According to him, soft skills need time. He tells us that good marks in academics doesn’t make a good candidate. Instead one must ensure that they learn and develop more soft skills and also study the industry they wish to work in and then develop skills accordingly.

He advices entrepreneurs to understand skills available in market and that they shouldn’t focus on technical aspects. They should assess the candidate based on their soft skills. He advises against judging the candidates by academic record, Institute etc. Instead they should see if the person has people management skill, patience or the qualities required for the job. Theoretical knowledge will not help much, says Mr. Manjunath.

He goes on to add that he has noticed that many of the HR managers he has met are not from that background, but have good man management skills. This is why Recruitrix plays a crucial role in finding the right person for the job. And this unique ability of the organization is the reason why it has had 30 clients in 3 months.

There was a lot we gained through this interview. We learned about the myriad, complex ways of the business world and how technology can transform businesses.


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