Sandwich Eatery- Serving delicious food and utilizing Digital Media.

Sandwich Eatery- Serving delicious food and utilizing Digital Media.

We spoke with Mr. Vamshi of the Sandwich Eatery which is serving delicious food and utilizing digital media to stay competitive. Sandwich Eatery is a chain of restaurants based in Hyderabad with over 8 branches across the city, with the main branch located at Kukatpally. Sandwich Eatery plans on expanding further with a brand new outlet at Hi-Tech city- the I.T hub of Hyderabad.

About Sandwich Eatery.

The idea of establishing the eatery was a result of Mr. Vamshi’s love for food and the dream of owning a brand that serves the food that he loves.

So what’s special about the food joint? It’s their delicious sandwiches, which is the signature dish. Apart from that they are also known for pastas. And this is how they not only stay relevant but also stay competitive- by having 70 different types of sandwiches, starting from just 4. Sandwich eatery also has several varieties of nachos, pastas, mojitos, thickshakes etc.

Making the best of digital and social media.

Talking about digital and social media, Mr. Vamshi says that they use Facebook, Instagram and Google search engine to stay competitive.  Mr. Vamshi believes that digital and social media has a huge role to play in the future and has already contributed immensely to the Sandwich Eatery. According to him 70-80 percent leads they get are through these mediums, which also includes delivery partners. The Sandwich Eatery also stays connected with customers through constant updates on social media channels about discounts etc. Apart from this, the Sandwich Eatery keeps up with their competition through reinvention; they now have over 70 types of sandwiches, starting from just 4. They also have several types of Nachos, Pastas, Mojitos and Thickshakes etc.

Sandwich Eatery- Serving delicious food and utilizing Digital Media.

Mr. Vamshi tells us that the Sandwich Eatery’s functions on the principle that food should be of high quality, priced well and also delicious.

It was an interesting experience to find a really good food joint in Hyderabad. This place should perhaps be on your list of must visit restaurants.

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