Role of Digital Media in healthcare.

Role of Digital Media in healthcare.

We had a brief interview with Dr.Sujatha of the Sujatha Dental clinic; we spoke about the role of digital media in healthcare sector.

About Sujatha dental clinic

 Dr. Sujatha runs 4 clinics within 1 km radius of Mehdipatnam, Hyderabad. She has been in the industry for almost 18 years and provides all kinds of treatment, that includes- tooth filling, restoration, extraction, surgeries, ortho treatment etc.

Doctor – Patient dynamics and dental care awareness,

Talking about doctor-patient relations and awareness on dental car, Dr. Sujatha tells us that around  6-7 years back there wasn’t much awareness but now-a-days patients have started asking questions about dental care. She reckons that social media has had a huge role in bringing about this change and it continues to increase awareness.

As far as doctor- patient relations are concerned, she believes that the more you talk to patients and the more friendly you are, the patients open up and also refer the doctor. But there are some challenges as well, sometimes when dealing with complicated cases it becomes necessary to explain the procedure to patients as they do not know the exact situation.

Role of Digital and Social Media.

Role of Digital Media in healthcare sector.

On the role of digital and social media in shaping the healthcare industry as well as her own work, Dr. Sujatha says that digital and social media helps a lot as patients can locate the clinic, check the reviews and ratings and also learn about the treatment. She says that the mediums will lead most industries in the future while she is currently using them.

Advice to people on dental care.

Her advice to people is to visit a dentist every 6 months for a general check-up and scaling. Sometimes during the scaling process a dentist can come across a dental issue that they can inform the patient about. Hence, such visits can be extremely beneficial to the patients.

An extremely fruitful interview came to an end with us learning more about the happenings in the field of dental care. Stay in touch and visit us to read more such articles.

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