Going paperless is one revolutionary thing doing rounds in every business. A completely digital office needs to be designed with the experts in industry using the right tools. A digital signature company allows you to electronically send, sign and store documents. You can also track its progress from a unified dashboard.

As the COVID-19 pandemic hits the globe, many businesses are having issues in completing their documentation and paperwork. Businesses from across the world realize on what the importance of digital signatures is and how it can help. We have coupled a few of them for your reference.

Here are the 5 best digital signature providers with added layers of security used to identify the signer and protect the information in the document.

  1. Adobe Sign
  2. Docusign
  3. SPITrust (powered by RNTRUST)
  4. Atos Metasign
  5. Kofax DocSign

Firstly, let’s know more about Digital Signature!

digital signature is a mathematical scheme for verifying the authenticity of digital messages or documents. A valid digital signature, where the prerequisites are satisfied, gives a recipient very strong reason to believe that the message was created by a known sender (authentication), and that the message was not altered in transit (integrity).[1]

Digital signatures have redefined how businesses and industries handle bulk approvals. Gone are the days of stacking up paperwork in piles, all waiting for the stroke of a pen.

One reason why digital signatures have revolutionized many businesses is because they are an unmatched solution for verifying document authenticity. Not only do you get ensured security, you also gain a paperless, error-free environment.

Digital signature solutions can help establish reliable audit trails to ensure compliance, too, while reducing security concerns.

Digital signatures make going paperless easy, removing complications and unnecessary printing. With a digital approach, businesses can significantly cut costs on their document management processes. At the same time, your company can also consume fewer resources.

Furthermore, an email notification feature prompts recipients to sign, while document status updates let you track each document’s current stage. The signing process becomes faster and you get a transparent working environment. In short, adding a digital signature can reduce financial burdens while improving long-term business performance.

COVID-19 has become a very crucial situation for businesses across the globe. And working from home has become the only option for all the business. Everyone is using the digital way to run their businesses and ensuring their processes find an alternative way during this tough situation, be it doing business online or getting paperwork done with electronic or digital signatures. If you haven’t yet switched to the e-signatures, then you must do it right away if you want to keep your business running like always.

After extensive research and testing, we have found the best of the best making a paperless office a reality.

We found that RNTrust provides the best product for this, “SPITrust”.

SPITrust perfectly comply with organizations GOAL of paperless operations by performing digital signatures/eSign on the PDF documents within the frameworks of organizations systems and procedures.

SPITrust product suite targets all organizations seeking to secure their paperless transactions. It provides an industrialized infrastructure with web-based platform for rapidly implementing and integrating electronic / digital signatures into business processes and managing legally recognized elements of proof.

Why to choose  SPITrust?

SPITrust is PKI based Digital Signature Solution, fully customizable based on customer needs, SPITrust meets global security standards with local regulation guidelines.

SPITrust is an On-Prem/dedicated Cloud based solution, where the data can be stored inside customer environment.

SPITrust Digital Signature Solution is certified with ISO27001 :2003 and ISO9001: 2005.

SPITrust is a suite of highly secure “off the shelf” products that provide all functionality necessary to:

  • create and validate digital signatures/eSign
  • generate legally recognized elements of proof
  • Sign and Verify PDF documents
  • Timestamp PDF documents
  • Multiple Signer workflow
  • Anywhere, Anytime on Any Device
  • Workflow Automation
  • Strong Authentication
  • Proof of Authenticity

Sign Anytime, Anywhere

Technology came in to ease the work and allow people to work anytime, anywhere in most cases. Digital-signature is one such solution that has helped the business to maintain their work pace and get timely approvals even during the COVID-19. One such example is, sending documents to contractual workers, and getting it signed on the spot without you being there physically. Along with this, digital-signatures are safe and secure too.


SPITrust meets the most rigorous security industry certification standards, and uses the strongest commercially available data encryption technologies. SPITrust systems and processes exceed industry best practices for data protection, for data transmission and secure storage.


SPITrust can be deployed High Available and it provides always-on availability with multiple, real-time, replications, active sites that protect your data and eliminate the need for maintenance downtime. It provides consistently high performance even at peak load times


SPITrust ensures that the document has not been read by an unauthorized third party.

SPITrust ensures that the file received by the user cannot be intercepted by a third party.


SPITrust guarantees the authenticity and integrity of the digital document. SPITrust makes sure that the document has not been modified.


Implementing SPITrust is simple and Easy. Realize the full value of SPITrust through the implementation of Digital signatures across your entire organization and Eliminate the paper process throughout the document management cycle.

Enrollment: Easier onboarding for all the employees.

User Interface: Apply a digital signature via the new modernized UI. Authentication Users are able to additionally secure their account login with 2Factor Authentication.

Advance Workflow: Powerful parallel and sequential workflows to anyone in your company – or the world. User Interface Apply a digital signature via the new modernized UI.

Customize Reporting: Provides a comprehensive report of all the documents signed and sent from your account. Real Time e-Signature Provides option extends signing functionality to signature pads.

Compliance: Compliant with international regulations for electronic transactions and trust services.

Customize Forms: Create professional and dynamic templates on your documents for others to action.

Single-click Signing: Design and save your graphic signature for a beautiful user experience that saves time.

Users & Group Management: Able to manage users and groups along with their permissions within the system.

Plugins: Solid-rock base for the plugins management.


During this critical pandemic situation, many businesses may think that their work will not proceed as they are not able to take signatures. Instead, they must try SPITrust for their e-signing needs and close deals faster. The businesses have not closed, they are all working from home, sending business proposals and agreements. Only the office buildings have closed. RNTrust will definitely fasten the process and help your team do faster closures even during this period.

To understand how SPITrust  will be able to help you in your business for signing documents, get in touch with our experts at marketing@rn-trust.com or visit http://rntrust.ae/

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