RNTrust Celebrates 12 Years Of Securing The Digital World

RNTrust Celebrates 12 Years Of Securing The Digital World

RNTrust Celebrates 12 Years Of Securing The Digital World

Dubai (January 20, 2021) RNTrust, ISO27001 certified and leading global system integrator with security solutions combining its own or partner software modules and consulting services, is pleased to announce completion of 12 years of securing the digital world in January this year.  The company was established in 2009 in Dubai, UAE by Mr. Tomislav Hrisoho, Chairman and Group CEO of RNTrust and was founded on three core principles-built-to-last, next-generation, and values driven—and is recognized as a sought-after firm known for cryptographic certificate based security solutions.

We at RNTrust provide specific skills required for trusted technologies with the vision to become a leading company in this industry in UAE and EMEA.  In January 2009, we set up our headquarter in Dubai, UAE and our ability to adapt has allowed us to prosper over the years. We look forward to new challenges, new technology, and are prepared to cater to what the next 15 years will bring us.

In view of the biggest information security concern for businesses operating competitively in the modern business environment, we provide trusted technologies and services in the digital transformation, acting in its capacity as a solution provider.  We have designed and developed several solutions based on public key infrastructures for the purpose of managing digital identities, digital signature, blockchain, digital forensic, and technical expertise outsourcing services.

When businesses are executed via the right strategies, cryptography helps to safeguard intellectual property preventing it from falling prey to cyber threats.  Henceforth, whether it is securing your network, sensitive data, or connected devices, you canturn to PKI as the proven technology to establish trust. 

Finding and retaining the right people with the right skill sets, adherence to industry standards, and the expense of hardware and software required to run a robust PKI are all serious challenges — not to mention all that is at stake when something goes wrong. 

Deploying a dedicated purpose-built PKI Solution to meet the unique demands and ensure its seamless operations from design to throughout its entire lifecycle as well as automating the whole lifecycle of digital certificates is the key for addressing successfully  current and future security threats.” 

Mr. Tomislav Hrisoho

Chairman and Group CEO


Our one of the products 

Sign engine, is fully integrated with

  • Core PKI Root CA
  • PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) 
  • Timestamping Server and support all major HSM vendors 
  • Strong Authentication by OAuth2.0 / UAE PASS
  • SPITrust is PKI Based Electronic Signature, meeting UAE and Global security standards and local regulation guidelines.
  • On-premise solution that will deploy on the customer firewall and data will be stored in customer premises or dedicated environments.

RECRO-NET Group Founded in 2001, and started in 2009 in UAE, RNTrust empowers enterprises of all sizes to safeguard themselves from DDoS attacks and exposure to cybercrimes, breaches, outages, and failed audits from digital certificates and keys impact brand loyalty and the bottom line.

RNTrust encompasses a unique know-how and rare expertise (IAM, Digital Signature, PKI, HSM, Blockchain integrations, Time Synchronization, and setting up the labs for Digital Forensics as well as IoT) for assessing connected solutions.

In its first 12 years, RNTrust has grown an elite IT/IS company with niche solutions combining functional modules and consulting services with more than 550 employees across the group.  RNTrust brings value to more than 100 clients in the region and leverages a holistic, agile, secure, and customer-centred approach to digital transformation, advancing our clients’ missions across the SME to Large Enterprises. For more information, please visit http://www.rn-trust.com

We would like to thank our valued clientele and channel partners for believing in us. We promise to always provide our partners with the excellent service that they deserve, and we hope that our relationship this season will turn out to be just like the one we enjoyed in the past. 

In the end, it is time to thank our team that has set a great example of leadership, bonding, and friendship during such an extensive period of time. Without the team’s support, it would not have been possible to reach the goals that we set out to achieve.  We thank you for the work you do to make our company great. Without your commitment, creativity, and high standards, we would not be the thriving company we are. We are very grateful for your efforts.  

Authored and edited by:

S. Tabrez



RNTrust is a leading IT/IS Consulting and Solution provider in Europe & Middle East. IT industry is a source of many innovations and our experts are therefore never at ease, but are able to stand neck and neck with any global system integrator due to their continuous education, trainings and abundant work experiences. They are able to provide effi…Read more
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